Furniture Makeover – Pink Desk

A Furniture Makeover – A homework Emergency

My oldest daughter recently started the second grade. Since she’s the oldest of four, I knew she would need a quiet place for school work in the evenings. She had been completing her homework at the dining room table, which happens to be adjacent to our playroom. Lets just say, keeping her focused on homework when three little ones are playing, proved to be pretty difficult. A furniture makeover was in my future!

I decided she needed a desk for her bedroom where I knew she could quietly focus on her homework. I found some pretty cute desks online, but felt they were a bit too pricey for my little eight-year old to no doubt destroy in record time. So I decided to check the thrift stores for a desk I could use for a furniture makeover. I ended up finding this beauty at the salvation army for about $15.

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